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Bail Bonds Ascension Parish

For bail bonds in Ascension Parish, call Bad Boyz Bail Bonds any time. We're open 24/7/365. Whether your bond is high or low, we'll get you out of jail! No amount is too small or large for us. We work quickly and efficiently. Most people are out of jail within 2-3 hours from the time they call us. Plus, Bad Boyz Bail Bonds offers bail bonds in Ascension Parish to clients who have been turned down by other local bail bondsmen.

You will find that our team is caring and non-judgmental. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone makes bad decisions from time to time. Even decent, law-abiding people get arrested sometimes. At Bad Boyz Bail Bonds, we believe that everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Should You Pay a Cash Bond or Surety Bond?

One of the key advantages of posting your bail through a bail bonds company (which is typically done through a surety bond) is that you don't have to put up all the money of a cash bond upfront. The cash bond for even a misdemeanor case can be astronomical, let alone for a felony. If you pay the bond in full with the court and the bond is exonerated, the courts typically take months before they send you back your money.

If for any reason a person misses their court date or shows up late, there is a strong likelihood that you will forfeit all of your cash bond. Most cases have a 3-6 month time frame, but some can go on for 2-3 years, and your money will be tied up during that whole time. Another key benefit of posting a bond through a bail bonds company is asset protection. How so?
Protection of your money and assets is one of our key focuses at Bad Boyz Bail Bonds. Since we require our clients to check in with us, update us about their court information and personal information, we have an opportunity to better ensure our clients will go to their court hearings. If we see a pattern of a client missing their check-ins or avoiding our calls, we can work to revoke the bond and place the client back in jail, which can result in a return of your collateral minus the cost of the revocation. Since it's often a family member or loved one who puts up their collateral on behalf of the person arrested, that individual is more likely to honor the terms of his/her bond. In this way, your cash or assets will be more protected.

Call Bad Boyz Bail Bonds to Get Out of Jail ASAP

If you or someone you love find themselves behind bars for any reason, unless they're being held without bail, give Bad Boyz Bail Bonds a call. We'll come down to the jail and get them out. For bail bonds in Parish Ascension, except no substitutes. We are the most lenient and flexible bail bonds company in Ascension Parish.

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