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Bail Bonds Baton Rouge

Meet Bob. Bob has been arrested for DUI.
Since this is Bob's third time being arrested for DUI, he is looking at some pretty serious consequences, not the least of which is a substantial amount of jail time. Bob has a family. He is the bread-winner of his household. Bob's wife and children depend on him to work and produce income to keep a roof over their heads and food on the dinner table. Sadly, Bob is being held in jail, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that Bob has a bail. Now, Bob needs bail bonds in Baton Rouge. Either Bob or his wife should call Bad Boyz Bail Bonds immediately.


An Arrest Can Affect the

Whole Family

Bob is just one example of the many situations people face at the time of arrest. Truthfully, Bob's employer might depend on him just as much as his family does. What if Bob runs his own business? If he sits in jail, he won't have a business to come home to! At Bad Boyz Bail Bonds, we believe that a person should only go to jail once they've been convicted or plead guilty to a crime, not before! We help people get back to their lives so that they can make the necessary arrangements prior to being convicted, assuming a conviction is in the works.

Just think of the example of Bob; it's not just Bob who will be affected by this arrest. Sure, he is the one who is currently in jail, and he is the one who is looking at doing serious jail time along with other consequences, but Bob's wife and children are going to suffer too. In fact, they might suffer more than Bob. They might be forced to move out of their home, borrow money to eat, and suffer the grief of losing their family head.


We Are Available 24/7 To Help You Post Bail Bonds in Baton Rouge


Of course, there are thousands of other illustrations and examples we could give you. The point is that people deserve to go home after they've been arrested. Many need to. Fortunately, we have bail bonds that allow people to do just that. However, if you or someone you care about has dealt with an arrest before, you likely already know that it can be extremely difficult to find a bail bondsman to work with you.


Like everything else in life, it's usually one or two bad apples that spoil the batch. The reason why many bail bondsmen are so picky about who they work with is that they've been burnt before. At Bad Boyz Bail Bonds, we are a bit more lenient and flexible than most Baton Rouge bail companies, and we are so without necessarily making ourselves vulnerable. We still take all of the measures needed to protect ourselves from loss. We offer 24/7 bail bonds in Baton Rouge for people we trust to show up back to court.

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