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Ways Bail Bond Companies Protects Your Privacy

For many people, an arrest is not something you want to advertise to the world. You may even feel the need to conceal the details of your arrest and your bonds payment from friends and family. While your arrest is unfortunately public record, there are multiple ways bail bond companies can protect your personal privacy and the privacy of your data throughout the bail process.

1. Accepting Collect Calls

Collect calls are calls coming from jail facilities where you are held. The bail bond company is committed to keeping your information private, including information they obtain while taking collect calls. It’s widely known that it is virtually impossible to conceal information on a smartphone. However, bail bond companies conceal data by ensuring the information discussed on collect calls are kept private, and the calls are completed on devices not logged into smartphones. Thus, you can enjoy an untraceable conversation when trying to get out of jail.

2. Eliminating Home Monitoring System

When you’re arrested, particularly with alcohol related charges, you may be put under 24 hour home monitoring and forced to wear a tracker in the form of an ankle bracelet. The tracker reduces your privacy and significantly affects your daily activities. It is also embarrassing when your friends and family members realize you have been forced to wear a tracker. Working with a credible bail bond company would save you embarrassment and protect your privacy, for you would not have to wear the tracker since the liability of your observation is transferred to them.

3. Arranging meeting locations

You may not want to meet in a location that would make it obvious you are paying for a bond. The bail bond companies will organize a discreet and suitable location for private discussions. Bond bails companies are flexible and open to having meetings in locations that will improve your privacy and comfort.

4. Preparing Exclusive Agreements

Bail bond companies will provide the necessary paperwork to make the arrangement an exclusive agreement, listing the expectations and conditions that need to be met. This arrangement will limit communication with third parties regarding the details of your bond payment, ensuring that your data is private. The agreement will discuss a formal and safe way in which information can be disclosed to a third party, enabling you to have full control of your information.

If you or your loved one has been arrested and needs a bail company that will keep your information discreet, don’t hesitate to contact Bad Boyz Bail Bonds. Bad Boyz will provide you with the ultimate professional advice and assistance to help you through this unfortunate situation.

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Veronica Cole
Veronica Cole
11. Mai 2022

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