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3 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Bail Bonds Company

1. Are you Licensed?

Make sure you do your research to ensure the company you are considering has the proper certifications and reputation before putting yourself, family member or friends life in their hands.

Bad Boyz Bail Bail Bonds is fully licensed and certified to help you, your family member or friend in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

2. How fast can you get me or my family member/friend released from jail?

Any reputable bail bonds company should be able e to give you a reasonable estimate that depends on the charges and case of the incarcerated.

We always have multiple agents on call to help serve you as quickly and diligently as possible. In the past, we have helped many of our customers get their family members or friends released immediately.

3. What percentage of the bail do I need to pay for a bond?

Industry standards for most bail bond companies is 10%. Companies offering you to pay less are normally too good to be true.

Bad Boyz Bail Bonds offers multiple types of payment plans for our customers that comply with the industry standards, yet offer feasible options so you can get yourself, family member or friend released from jail in a timely manner, while finding a an option that fits in your budget.

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