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Common Myths About Bail Bonds And Bondsmen

If you, a family member, or a friend is arrested, especially for the first time, you will probably need the assistance of a Bail Bondsman. A Bail Bondsman can get you out of jail as long as bail has been set by a judge, and you will be back with your family so that you may begin your defense and get everything straightened out, just in case you are facing jail time.

There are many rumors and myths surrounding Bail Bondsmen and the job that they do. Let's settle some of these myths so that you can enter an agreement with understanding and confidence.

Myth #1: Bills Can Be Negotiated With Courts

Each state has set amounts of bail for certain crimes. There are even crimes, such as 1st-degree murder, that may take away the option for bail completely. No matter what, bail is excessively expensive and most of us can only pay a small percentage of what the courts are asking for.

Your bail amount in Louisiana can be reduced with the help of a bondsman, but no matter what, the amount you will be asked to pay will be outlandish. Most people need the services of a bondsman to get themselves, or their loved ones, out of jail as soon as possible.

You will need to pay a bondsman 10% of the amount of your bail. Efficient and trustworthy bondsmen will have various payment plans to fit most budgets and ensure an immediate release from jail.

Myth #2: Bondsman Fees Are Refunded

Many people believe that you will get the money back that you paid to the bondsman if you go to all of your court appearances. This is not true. If you pay your entire bail out-of-pocket, which most of us cannot do, then the story is different. A bondsman agrees to pay the entire amount of the required bail while you only give them the 10%,

They will keep the 10% and get the money back that they paid on your bail. Essentially, you are paying for a service, and as long as you go to all of your court appearances and pay off all remaining payments to the bondsman, you will have fulfilled your responsibilities and will no longer need their services.

Myth #3: Bail Bondsmen Are Untrained And Rough

Bail Bondsmen go through a lot of training and they have to take, and pass, tests while working as an apprentice under a certified bondsman before getting their own certification to work alone. All bondsmen in Louisiana have to continue their education by taking classes that equal to 12 hours each year in order to keep and update their license.

Our bondsmen must pass a background check before taking classes and being approved by the state to conduct business. They are at least 18 years old and a resident of Louisiana. They also must be of good moral standing and have no felony conditions on their record. Bondsmen are safe and trustworthy people.

Contact us as soon as you, or a family member, is arrested. Bad Boyz Bail Bonds and our bondsman are fully trained, responsible, and ready to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

Give us a call at (225) 229-7218 and we will work out a payment plan that will benefit both our business and your life. We are always here to help.

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