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Here's What to Avoid When Working with a Bail Bond Agency

Things to avoid when working with a bail agency

Being arrested is never fun, and you'll always do your best to avoid ending up in jail. However, life does not always turn out as we hope, and you or your loved one could unexpectedly be arrested and locked up in jail. When that happens, you can always request to get out of jail on bail as you await your sentencing in court. A bail bond agent comes in quite handy when you cannot afford your bail.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when working with a bail bond agent to ensure you are treated fairly and that you do not put yourself in jeopardy financially or legally.

1. Avoid calling loved ones before a bail agency

You are allowed a single phone call to inform the outside parties of your current situation when you are arrested. While most people seek to call their friends and family first, it is in your best interest to call your bond agency with the single phone call allowed.

2. Avoid immediately choosing the lowest price

When selecting a bond agency, you want to do your homework and seek the most reputable bail bond agency. Of course, you will want an affordable bail bond agency. However, it is always wise to avoid picking an agency just because it is cheap. Ask yourself whether the agency is professional and whether or not the agency seems informed on matters regarding legal issues surrounding your arrest. If you are not aware of a reputable bond agency, you always ask for a recommendation or check out online reviews.

3. Avoid lying to the bond agent

A bail bond agent requires certain information from you to secure your bail. The questions are intended to show that you will comply with the court and adhere to the bail obligations. It is in your best interest to answer the questions asked honestly; otherwise, your bail bond can be revoked in the future and your request for bail rejected.

4. Avoid ignoring the conditions of your bond

The conditions of your bond depend on the severity of the crime you committed. Therefore, the court ruling may have additional charges and requirements, such as court-ordered public service. Additional conditions may be set by the bond agency, such as checking in with the bond agent weekly. It is mandatory to adhere to the conditions and complete all tasks that the court assigns you. You do not want your bail revoked because you violated a certain condition.

5. Avoid securing the wrong co-signer

A co-signer is required to assure that the defendant will settle the entire cost of the bond when it is too high due to factors such as criminal history and the severity of the crime. The right co-signer ensures that the bond agency grants a bail bond and secures your release. Therefore, the co-signer should have enough collateral to cover the entire bond amount and enough money to pay the bond agent's fees. Choosing the wrong co-signer will have your bail bond revoked.

6. Avoid committing crimes when out on bail

The last thing you want is to get rearrested when out on bail. Bond agencies and court systems do not tolerate such conditions. The bond agency immediately revokes the bail bond, and the court revokes any request for another release on bail. You will have to wait for the court ruling in jail.

7. Avoid skipping court sessions

It would be best to always show up on time for every court date. The court issues a warrant for your arrest if you skip court hearing sessions. If you cannot make it to a court session, ensure you inform your attorney on time. The court may recall the arrest warrant. Otherwise, it's goodbye to your bail bond and to the jail you go!

Final thoughts

If you are ever arrested, do not panic. You are still innocent by law until proven guilty. Contact Bad Boyz Bail Bonds, and we will ensure a smooth process as we secure your release and reunite you with your family. Call us at (225) 229-7218, or visit our website

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