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Turning Yourself In: Should I Do It?

Having a warrant out for your arrest can be a scary, confusing situation. You may be conflicted about whether to turn yourself in or wait it out, and you likely have several questions about what to do or how to go about it.

How Do I Know if There's A Warrant for My Arrest?

As tricky as it might sound, there's an easy way to figure out if there's a warrant out for your arrest. You can call the local sheriffs' office of the county you think might have a warrant out for your arrest, or you can check online if the resources are available to you in your county. The easiest way is going to be directly calling the office and asking.

Why Should I Turn Myself In?

It's a safer option, and it shows police you're willing to comply. Turning yourself in also gives you the opportunity to make arrangements so as not to interrupt the lives of others too much. You can set up arrangements for childcare, taking time off work, and letting your friends and family know what's going on. You may want to take the time to set up arrangements with a defense attorney too. Turning yourself in can positively affect the bond amount.

What Happens if I Turn Myself In?

It depends on the crime. You may be able to pay bond immediately, or pay the fines/tickets a warrant was put out for you regarding.

Is There Anything I Should Bring With Me?

Yes, you should bring photo identification with you, as well as anything you may need for medical purposes. This can include prescription medications, glasses, a can to walk with, or anything else that's medically required for you. If you're able to, and bail has already been set, you can bring cash with you to pay your bail the same day.

If you're considering turning yourself in, be sure to contact Bad Boyz Bail Bonds. We will do everything we can to help keep you out of jail, or get you out as soon as possible.

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