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What To Avoid When You're Out On Bail

Have you or someone you know been arrested and made bail? Remember, you are not free to do whatever you please as you wait for your case to close. There are restrictions on bail that, if violated, can add to your charges. Here are some of the activities you need to avoid when you are out of jail on bail.

1. Using drugs

It is only wise to avoid consuming alcohol or using drugs while on bail. This is especially true if your arrest was related to abuse of drugs or if you are prone to uncouth behavior when under the influence. Also, the court may require you to take a drug test before appearing in court.

The Fourth Amendment restricts officers from raiding your home and conducting random searches for drugs. However, a strong suspicion that you are using drugs can lead to a warrant allowing the officers to search your home. Consuming alcohol and using drugs will send you back to jail, and the judge will consider your bail forfeit.

2. Traveling without permission

It is in your best interest to comply with the travel restrictions while out on bail. Traveling during bail increases your chances of skipping court. With the permission of the court, you can easily travel within the state. However, traveling to different states requires special permission. In any case, you will need to explain where you are going and why.

Do not even think about leaving your country, because this is strictly prohibited. It increases your risk of missing court hearing sessions and fleeing. Travel restrictions and penalties differ on a case-to-case basis and are decided by the court.

3. Skipping court

Ensure you attend all court hearing sessions while out on bail. If you miss your court dates, the judge will immediately issue a warrant for your arrest, and it's goodbye to your bail bond. If you contact your attorney as soon as possible, the judge may recall the warrant depending on the circumstances.

If you have not yet missed the court session but feel there is a high chance that you will not be able to attend, ensure you inform your attorney immediately. Your case may be taken off of the calendar for the day.

4. Giving false information to your attorney

Your attorney is there to help you build a strong case. Since the attorney relies on every piece of information you give them, it would be a huge mistake to give them the wrong information. Doing so can sabotage your defense, and you may end up being convicted of even more severe charges.

Therefore, it is important to tell your attorney the truth, even if you are ashamed or embarrassed, because it will pay off in the long run.

5. Not Paying your Bail

If you cannot pay your bail, you are required to be in jail or a detention center until you find a way to pay the bail. To be out on bail, you have to sign a bail bond contract with a bond agent with whom you are liable for the full amount of the bail. Failure to pay the bail is, thus, a violation of the contract, and the bond agent can sue you. This applies to you whether you end up in prison or not.

6. Breaking the Law

Breaking the law while out on bail is also a violation of the bail. The court can, therefore, revoke the bail, and you end up in jail. Take note that you will also be adding on to your charges by committing additional crimes. Although you may not be denied bail, there is a good chance that the amount of bail for the new charges will increase.

It is important to remember that the judge may revoke the previous bail and deny you a new one, depending on the crime committed.

Final Thoughts

Everyone knows that when you are out on bail, you should be on your best behavior. You should, therefore, not be surprised to know that part of the conditions of your bail is to refrain from any crimes and activities that violate the contract between you and your bail bond agency. Avoiding the activities stated above and strictly following your bail conditions can even increase the chances of the judge ruling in your favor.

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