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Why You Should Apply For A Bail Bond As Soon As Possible

Getting arrested is not an ideal situation for anyone, and no one wants to spend any time in a jail cell. Fortunately, when a person is detained by the police under suspicion of committing a crime, they can be released from custody on bail. Bail is a set of pre-trial restrictions handed down by a court to ensure that the suspect complies with the judicial process. It usually involves a set amount of money to be paid in cash for the release of the suspect from custody.

In the case of cash payments for bail, the amount set can be prohibitively high, often in the thousands. For these situations, a bail bond is used. They are provided by bail bondsmen to help a suspect get out of jail. In most cases, a bail bondsman can have a person out of jail fairly quickly. However, that depends on how fast you apply for a bail bond.

Here are several reasons why you shouldn't delay applying for a bail bond when you or someone you know gets arrested and detained by the police.

More Time To Prepare

There's usually a civil or criminal trial awaiting people who are detained for major misdemeanors and felonies. It's very hard to gather facts, speak to a lawyer, or mentally prepare yourself for a trial while you're behind bars. Posting bail means that you can actually have time and resources to make these preparations.

Gather Collateral

When applying for a bail bond, sometimes the bond company chooses to pay a bond in collateral in addition to or instead of cash. Think of it as a loan or credit to ensure that the defendant shows up to court. This option is preferable if the bond company decides that the defendant is a financial risk, or if the defendant has valuable items but not much in the way of liquid capital to pay their bail. If the defendant shows up and goes through the trial, the collateral is returned once the case is closed no matter the result of the case. If the defendant doesn't show up for the trial, the collateral is seized by the bail bondsman or the court.

It's important to arrange these finances ahead of time so that you aren't blindsided by them. Some collateral items, such as real estate, require legal documents to be signed and processed, which takes time. The sooner you apply for a bond, the faster you can learn the costs and take care of them.

Get Back To Your Life Sooner

Being detained puts a hold on your entire life. It can cause you to lose jobs, lower grades in school, and damage relationships. It's also very hard on loved ones to see you behind bars. The sooner you apply for and receive a bail bond, the sooner a release from jail can be obtained. This will help cut down on the number of disruptions in your life, and it gives you time to prepare for extended periods away during court proceedings.

An arrest doesn't have to put a financial strain on your life. If you or a loved one are detained and held on bail, you'll need a company that can work diligently for a speedy release. Contact us to inquire about our services or to hire a professional bail agent. Don't delay!

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